Laser Cutting is intentionally designed as a one stop shop for your entire requirement. Please send us your drawings and/or queries to we will accommodate you ASAP.


    Due to the latest investment in technology, we not only cut flat sheets, but we also laser cut square and rectangularaluminium box sections with a maximum wall thickness of 5mm. Laser tube cutting services are performed with four Co2 laser systems designed for cutting round, square, rectangular, flat, oval, and virtually any other type of tubing.

    Rapid Cutting Speeds &Flexibility

    Our Laser tube systems enables us to cut slots and holes in round tubing with diameters up to 300mm and square tubing with side diameters up to 300mm. The Laser Tube’s high flexibility allows cutting almost any profile either on the end of a tube or along its length. Multiple part features, which traditionally would have required several conventional machine tools and consecutive processes, can now be carried out automatically on a single machine using one tool in a single cycle. These capabilities along with increased speeds and no tooling costs now make precision tube cutting prices competitive with those other processes.

    Cutting Capacity

    Up to 30mm in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel and 12mm in Aluminium.